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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Provided by Our Chiropractor

At Dubuque Family Chiropractic, serving Dubuque, IA, and the nearby region, we offer chiropractic care for people of all ages, from infants to seniors and everyone in between. We supply a range of services to assist and can help in the event of a personal injury or chronic condition. We can even provide preventative chiropractic care.


Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are a standard treatment we use at our Dubuque office. During this treatment, our practitioner aligns the spine using manual maneuvers. While varying in intensity, the thrusts provided are gentle and don't cause much pain, discomfort, and other side effects. They, however, can ease pain, discomfort, and tingling.

We can use these treatments as preventative or curative care. They're highly customizable based on your condition, age, and health conditions.

Exercise Therapy

Stretching can impact healing as nutrients become more readily available to the area via increased blood flow. The stretches also move the muscles and soft tissue, gently stretching them and gradually making them more flexible while improving function.

We can use exercise therapy for various purposes, including neck and back pain and healing of extremity injuries due to a personal injury. It's also useful for postural correction and improving balance. We can use it as part of our preventative care, too. 

Massage Therapy

Although it's rarely your sole treatment with us, massage therapy has healing powers since it promotes blood flow to an injured or diseased area. This circulation helps by sending healing factors to the body to speed up recovery.

Massage therapy targets the muscles and other soft tissue, breaking up any areas with tightness.

It's also valuable for helping relieve inflammation and soreness.

Lifestyle Recommendations

Part of our care often includes lifestyle recommendations that you can utilize as you heal or manage a condition. Sometimes, these suggestions promote better health and wellness and make you more resilient to injuries and chronic ailments.

Our nutrition counseling service also falls under this classification of treatment. We can advise on a diet to ensure your body receives all the necessary nutrients.

Visit Our Practice for Professional Care

Dubuque Family Chiropractic, serving Dubuque, IA, and the neighboring communities, offers a full range of chiropractic treatments to help with everything from back pain to a knee injury to bettering your health and wellness. In addition, we'll create a specialized treatment program, especially for you. If you're ready to see how our chiropractor can help you, contact us at 562-582-1531. 


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  • "My experience with Dr. Tim has been great. He is very professional, but also personable as well. He takes time with each of his patients and always asks if you are having any additional concerns other then what you are seeing him for. Highly recommend him."
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